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Dynabait are marine, fresh water and terrestrial products uniquely processed to create high quality long lasting fishing bait. They can be used for fishing in salt and fresh water.

Simply soak in water until rehydrated (time may vary) and move into a dry container but keep moist. When cast into water a disbursement of hormone and enzyme flavor will attract any fish within reasonable distance and generate excellent catch result.

During processing all natural hormones and enzymes remain undamaged, keep their full flavor and result in an amazing and productive reaction from the fish. Proven catches of bream, whiting, cat fish, bass, flathead, black fish, flounder, cod, mullet, morwong, redfish, yellow belly, leather jacket, trevally, salmon, snapper, coral trout, sweet lip, perch … just to name a few of fresh and salt.

There are several ways how to use Dynabait : Some of our customers prefer to put Dynabaits on a hook directly from the satchel (dry) allowing for re-hydration to take effect in a lake, river or sea,( please note some species will be difficult to thread on a hook dry as they are too brittle and need to be soaked in water first in order to re-gain elasticity and tough consistency).

Other anglers will submerge the bait in water (again …salt or fresh) for several minutes prior to use. The time may wary and generally depends on the body mass of the animal. Most of our fisherman recommend this following method:

Open the satchel and fill it with water. After 1-2 min release water and keep the moist worms (bait) inside. Should they be still too hard, leave them for another 10-15 min in zipped bag. The bigger size bait will need to stay in water for longer time. For example squids medium or herrings will require at least 10 min re-hydrating time before releasing water from the satchel. Please note that re-hydrating ( keeping bait submerged in water) for long time will cause the bait become too soft for the hook to be put on. The warmer water the faster is the re-hydrating process. If you are using Dynabait first time, test it first on a small piece to perfect your preferred consistency. Dynabait is intended for recreational fishing only.


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