Dynamade Pty.Ltd. has introduced a new approach to fishing bait – Dynabait. The company uses a freeze-dry method that offers a preserved product for anglers – overcoming issues with availability and freshness of baits.

The marine, freshwater and terrestrial animals commonly used as fishing baits are carefully processed, frozen and packed using no additives or preservatives.
Managing Director Karl Kimla adds: “The result is a high quality, long-lasting fishing bait with an unlimited number of applications.They can be used everywhere and for all types of fishing.”
Although Dynamade’s’ flagship products are marine worms, blood worms,tube worms and lug worms, it also produces earthworms, Bibi worms, shrimps, mussels, squid, minnows, herring, octopus, bamboo worms, leeches, silkworms and many more.

Packed in a handy satchel with a convenient zipper – Dynabait is available in 25 countries. At the 2012 EFTTEX in Paris Dynabaits Freeze-dry Squid won the admiration of the judges in the Best New Product Awards, winning a Commendation in the soft hookbait category.

To rehydrate the baits, just fill the satchel with water – salt or fresh depending on the fishing area – and within minutes you are ready to go. An unopened pack has a shelf-life of two years to provide an excellent substitute for any live alternative.
During processing all natural hormones and enzymes remain undamaged so that the baits retain their full flavour and remain attractive to fish.