The Benefits of Seafood as a Food for Dogs

Fish and other seafood are excelled protein sources for dogs whilst being relatively low in saturated fats and calories.. Since our freeze dried seafood treats are 100% Mother Nature and have all the great nutrients they are an excellent food source for  dogs  ( and of course for us humans too)  with many benefits. Fish is one nature’s most natural sources of Omega 3 essential fatty acids which is just great for aiding your dog’s joints and all round mobility

Omega 3 essential fatty acids contained in seafood have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition,Omega-3 fatty acids can greatly aid skin itching and other minor dermatological complaints in many dogs

  • Better skin, beautiful coat.
  • Increased joint comfort
  • Yeast Infection control in the skin and ears of dogs
  • Preventing cardiovascular problems
  • Helping for those suffering from arthritis.

Are There Any Negatives to Feeding Fish to Dogs?
Naturally, too much of anything is a bad thing – whether it be fish, biscuits or any type of food. Like any other ingredient, fish should be given as part of a balanced diet Use this product as an occasional treat or reward directly from the satchel or pre-soaked in fresh water.

What makes our Seafood Dynatreats different?:

*Well…..the idea of providing  rich content of essential  Omega 3 to a pet…naturally
*No additives or preservatives are used – finished product is all 100% Mother Nature
*All products are human food graded, sourced from the same places as they would for human consumption
*We buy the raw product fresh, we freeze it, vacuum dry while frozen, pack it, sell it .. that’s all !
* Finished product contains typically 5-7% moisture, which is not good environment for bacteria to grow
*Dynatreats  are stable products with a long shelf life (typically 12-18 months)

Due to unique freeze drying method (not oven dry, not hot air or sun-dry method) we guarantee that:
*Concentrated fresh flavour in finished product and aroma, nutritional value and vitamins are retained

use dry or pre-soaked in fresh water      Not For Human Consumption ! Do Not Eat !