Premium gourmet treats!

Fish treats are marine worms (Polycheates) , fresh water and terrestrial animals commonly used to feed aquarium / pond fish and terrarium pets freze dried and uniquely processed to create a high quality long lasting aquarium feed.
Use it for salt and fresh water fish directly from the satchel or pre soaked.
Premium gourmet treat is 100% natural with no additives, low in cholesterol, high in protein, yummy for the fish,
produces low waste, will not break down in the tank too quickly, is easy to store and is guaranteed pathogens free.
Perfect for fussy eaters !

Fish treats are most loved by larger predatory fish like Lionfish, Triggers, Oscars, Cichlids.

Broken into smaller bits they will attract any fish and generate excellent feeding result.

The items may vary in colour and size.
Do Not Eat!
For fish and terrarium pets only.