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1Kg Blood worms pack (live worm weight) is equivalent to approximately 30 x Dynabait satchels!!!
This bulk packaging has 200g (dry weight) and shelf life of 2 years.
Ideal for long trips, charters boats owners, enthusiastic fisherman or for any one who wants  great deal!

 Dynabait are marine, fresh water and terrestrial animals commonly used as fishing baits, uniquely processed with no additives, taste enhancers or preservatives. They can be used for fishing in salt and fresh water. Simply soak in water until rehydrated (time may vary) and move into a dry container but keep moist. When cast into water a disbursement of hormone, enzyme and flavour will attract any fish within reasonable distance and generate excellent catch result. During processing all natural hormones and enzymes remain undamaged, keep their full flavour and result in an amazing and productive reaction from the fish. Long shelf life (typically 12-18 months). Proven catches of bream, whiting, cat fish, bass, flathead, black fish, flounder, cod, mullet, morwong, redfish, yellow belly, leather jacket, trevally, salmon, snapper, coral trout, sweet lip, perch ... just to name a few of fresh and salt water. Appearance, size and colour of the product may vary inside the satchel and from batch to batch. 

Not for human consumption-DO NOT EAT

Name:Sand worms
Wet weight:1000g
Dry weight:200g
Satchel size:23x34x2 cm
Rehydration:8-10 min

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